Although Ireland isn’t renowned for its perfume industry, it can claim the likes of Roads and Memo by way of their Irish born talent Danielle Ryan and John Molloy, the inspiration for Creed’s Irish Tweed¸ and Unions peat smoke accents in Celtic fire. That being said, Dublin’s gone under a bit of fragrance transformation in recent years thanks to two major developments. Firstly by the expansion of Brown Thomas’ fragrance department, and secondly with the opening of Parfumarija, Dublin’s first niche perfume store.  Although niche perfume is nothing new at this stage, perfume lovers no longer need to hop off the island to get a sniff of Frederic Malle perfumes. Both stores happen to be a two minute walk from each other, so should you not find what you’re looking for in one store, simply head over to the other.



Perfume department at Brown Thomas, Dublin.

Although I’m not entirely sure of the exact moment Brown Thomas moved towards niche perfume, it now stocks lines such as Memo, Kilian, Bella Belilissima, and Creed. With the stores latest renovations, the fragrance section has been given air to breath with more space, which ultimately improves your experience. Aside from the main fragrance department, Jo Malone also has a concession which has seen countless women and men smell like French Lime Blossom to Vanilla & Anise (my personal favourites being White Jasmine & Mint, 154 Cologne). Not all the perfumes have yet to be synthesized together as the Diptyque collection is kept on the second floor with the home department, so be sure to comb the store in case what you’re looking for isn’t directly in front of you. Brown Thomas’s shift has been a gradual process, but one which has worked marvellously and I hope to see grow in the next few years.  It still has the usual Chanel, Tom Ford and Dior fragrances that every department store stocks, so don’t worry,  Chanel No.5 will still be there come Christmas. As ever, the assistants are very friendly and obliging when it comes to any questions you may have.

Location: 88-95 Grafton St, Dublin 2
Opening hours: Monday 9.30am-8pm, Tuesday 10am-8pm, Wednesday 9.30am-8pm, Thursday 9.30am-9pm, Friday 9.30-8.00pm, Saturday 9am-8pm, Sunday 11am-7pm.