Last Wednesday saw the official welcome of Ormonde Jayne to Ireland’s no.1 perfume hub, Parfumarija. Hosted by the glamourous Marija Aslimoska, founder and Co Director of Parfumarija, it was held at The Westbury Hotel’s Marble Bar, Dublin.

In short, perfume lovers, loyal customers and friends abounded the launch party.


The latest addition to the store may be unknown to some, untried by those who only know the company’s reputation, or, a favourite to dedicated clients that could access the perfumes by trips to London. Now we may all rejoice, for the opportunity to smell yet another wonderful perfume house has been made that much more accessible thanks to Parfumarija.


A collection of the perfumes were on display for all to smell, as well as Discovery Sets for all those who went. The perfumes that are now being stocked at Parfumarija are: Orris Noir, Ormonde Woman, Frangipani, Tai’if, Sampaquita, Champaca, Ormonde Man, Tiare, Vanille D’Iris.


The founder and perfumer of Ormonde Jayne, Linda Pilkington flew in for the event and was guest of honour.  I was lucky enough to sit with Linda before the event started, and we discussed her career in perfume, how she got her start, her influences and much more. A full interview will be up shortly, so hold tight.

Linda Pilkington and Marija Aslimoska

Linda Pilkington and Marija Aslimoska at the Parfumarija x Ormonde Jayne Launch Party

Her enthusiasm for her profession was insatiable and made the event all the better when we all got to sample Ormonde Woman. It was the first perfume released from her 2002 collection, and one that would mark her in perfume reverence- Luca Turin, did give her five stars for it after all.

Needless to say, the addition of Ormonde Jayne will no doubt be successful, as even after my very first sample, I was spellbound.

The final words for this post will be paraphrased comments by Marija, aka Parfumarija. Why go with a relatively unknown brand to Ireland? Purely because of the quality.


To sample the perfumes mentioned, please go to Parfumarija if you are in Dublin:

Location: 25 Westbury Mall, Dublin 2

Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 10am-6pm, Thursday 10am-7pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Closed on Sundays.

Telephone: (+353)671 0255

Visit:  or read up about Parfumarija  at our Store Reviews.


Otherwise, Ormonde Jayne’s flagship store is at:

 12 Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond St, London W1S 4SL, UK

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 10am-6Pm. Closed on Sundays.

Telephone: +44 20 7499 1100

For more information please visit:


To Marija, I would like to thank you for inviting me to the event, and for arranging the interview with Linda. Thank you.