When in London, one must always visit Bloom. Follow that simple rule and your perfume collection will steadily grow- be it by the full bottles themselves, or the £2 samples that can be bought.

Originally opened in Spitalfields, the company has relocated to the heart of Covent Garden. A hub for curiosities, Bloom is home to perfumes that follow unconventional lines, that cross borders between the artistic, historic, and theatrical.

Bloom was opened in 2012, and has a range of 45 niche brands (Ann Gerard, Arquiste, Au Pays de la Fleur d’Orange, Frapin, Nasomatto, Teo Cabanel etc). As a boutique they often hold fragrance launches with the perfumers in toe, with the likes of   Pierre Guillaume, David Frossard, and Carlos Huber.

The beauty of Bloom is that there is a freedom to its arrangement-  brands are not singularly restrained to their own shelf, box, cabinet; instead they are arranged by genre. They have an active website where you can order perfumes online, an in-store bespoke perfume service as well as a yearly perfume sample subscription. Here is a little bit about the service, quoted from

Discover 72 luxury perfumes over the course of a year, all for the price of a single 100ml bottle. Our subscription service is educational, fun and perfect for curious noses. It makes a very special gift too.

Subscribers will receive a pack of 6 perfume samples every month for a year. 5 of those perfumes will be selected according to a special theme or season and the 6th will be a brand new or recent release.


I’ve discovered so many perfumes from visiting Bloom, and have always had a positive experience.


Brands stocked at Bloom Perfumery (list updated February 2017):




Location: 4 Langley Court, London, WC2E 9JY
T.: 020 7240 0338
Monday–Sunday: 11am – 7pm 
By Tube: Piccadilly line to Covent Garden
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