Piccadilly, London, UK

Fortnum & Mason, London, UK

*Photo:  Alamy/ Fortnum & Mason Perfume


If you’re after something quintessentially British, or want to post picnic hampers across the world, Fortnum & Mason doesn’t disappoint (the musical biscuit tins, silverware and  Christmas displays are a highlight). That being said, it’s their perfume gallery that interests me the most.

By far my favourite perfume gallery from London’s department stores, it’s spacious, far from the madding crowd of Piccadilly, and everything is beautifully displayed. Though I was a fan of their former layout, the recent renovations have really improved the layout of the department. The redesign was thanks to London based Architecture & Interior Design firm, Waldo Works. Light, spacious and admittedly feminine, it’s a tad dreamy what with gorgeous fresh pink peonies in singular crystal vases. I do love to see a shop with fresh flowers! And the fun doesn’t stop there! Indeed, they even have their own Avery Gallery (Avery Perfume Galleries are a worldwide franchise owned by the Intertrade Group, with the first store still open at 20 Avery Row, London) where you can get your hands on Avery Fragrance Collection, Boadicea the Victorious, L-Automobili Lamborghini, soOud and Re Profumo.

Before I wrap up this review, I really must stress why F&M is worth a visit. Being so quiet is the department’s best advantage, where atmospherically, you’re placed in a totally different mindset. You can actually let the perfume’s smell takeover your senses without any background noise distracting you. It really does make a difference! You can can also get close to the gorgeous Gorssmith crystal falcons by Baccarat, as well as the beautiful Parfums MDCI bottle tops. What really topped off my visit however was spotting ‘Jabir’ by Kemi Blending Magic, a perfume that bears my surname, and named after Jabir Ibn Hayyan  (c. 721 – c. 815) the brilliant polymath that wired an experimental and scientific approach to alchemy (particularly filtration which lead to the distillation of alcohol), and as such is one of the founding fathers of the perfume industry and remembered as the ‘Father of Alchemy’. Altogether, it was a nice coincidence to stumble upon it.

Their collection has grown over the years and still boasts a gorgeous Caron collection. Some of the brands include: Clive Christian, Parfums M Micallef, Lalique, Grossmith, Tiziana Terenzi and Roja Dove, all of which are beautifully presented, and given generous space so that one brand doesn’t conflict with another. Should you have a query, all the sales assistants are wonderfully helpful and have a great understanding of each brand. Prices range from £45.00- £1,020.00 (X Pure Perfume for Men, 30ml) and more information can be found on their website,



Scentspy Fortnum & Mason Grossmith

Scentspy Fortnum & Mason Jabir


Location: 181 Piccadilly, London, W1A 1ER
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10am – 9pm , Sunday 12noon – 6pm (including Bank Holidays)
By Tube: Piccadilly Circus (Barkerloo, Piccadilly line), Green Park (Jubilee, Piccadilly, Victoria line)




Waldo Works

Architecture & Interior Design

21 – 22 Great Sutton Street, London, EC1V 0DY




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