And so there we are. I have reached the end of yet another bottle, and as ever, it’s a twofold experience.

Firstly, I double-check that what I’m seeing isn’t a mirage. After that I curse the high heavens for my greedy ways, I then wish I’d bought a 100ml bottle instead of 50ml ( ultimately a separate conversation for another time). Sometimes I even try to calculate how much time I have left with it by- a simple calculation of much perfume is left in the bottle versus just how quickly I’ve used. Needless to say, perfume is a tempestuous mistress. We take great consideration on which bottle we will gladly handover the better part of £50+, only to end up with a glass bottle that gathers dust, albeit smelling brilliant in between. The rate at which a perfume disappears (and I say disappears because every time I really look at how much is left I feel like someone’s robbed me), has me constantly re-evaluating how much I love this perfume in comparison to the cost of replacing it. Needless to say, I’m quite fickle when it comes to repurchasing a perfume, and the only times it’s happened has been for my love of Mitsouko by Guerlain, Beauty by Calvin Klein, and napping the ends of my mum’s Chanel No.5.