Oxford St, London, UK


The Monsters! That’s what I like to call Selridges and Harrods.  Massive stores with massive turnover, and an expansive range of brands to choose from. Yes, Selfridges and Harrods host the largest perfume collections in London, and more often than not hold exclusive sale rights over certain brands and release launches. Unlike small boutiques, their appeal as tourist destinations often ensure that their collection match their customers expectations. Heavy marketing towards the Middle East and Asia ensure a wider range of oud and private collection fragrances. From the weary shopper picking up a £10 Juicy Couture EDP roll (Selfridges), to those in search of  a special edition bottle of Bond No.9 (Harrods) willing to pay the incredulous price of £5,500 for only 100ml. Yes, there is something for everyone. Without stating the obvious, the stores are both generously staffed, though due to the high footfall, you may not get the same level of attention, or quality of care, that you would get at smaller stores. Again, it depends on what you want. For example,  Harrods and Selfridges are great for simply buying perfume, but don’t expect anything else (like let’s say, a conversation with a member of staff or love-at-first-scent moment). Different shops are there for different moods.



Aside from the main beauty brands keeping their fragrances at their own concession (thus making the department exponentially large) the main room doubles up as the store’s Oxford Street entrance. Though this means that there’s hardly any space to move during peak hours, it’s thankfully packed with delicious perfumes exclusive to Selfridges- such as Union (check out Gothic Bluebell and Celtic Fire).  For more information, visit their website


Location: 400 Oxford Street, London, W1A 1AB
Opening hours:  Monday- Friday 9am-10pm, Saturday 9.30 am-9pm, Sunday 11.30am- 6.15pm

By Tube: Bond Street & Marble Arch (Central line)

 – SeeThe Perfume Hunt  to see the store locations on a map –


*Photo: Andrew Meradith Photography